10 factors that could create tipping points to motivate greenhouse action – Climate Institute, Australia

February 15th, 2010
  • Science: Need to make cut in emissions of at least 60% by 2050 in order to avoid catastrophic impacts.
  • USA: Position of USA to shift to environmentally friendly politics is extremely important for the rest of the world. “Like a super tanker changing course, seemingly small initial movements are imperceptible but alter the destination markedly.”
  • Business: Companies to use climate change as economic opportunity and profits.
  • Media: Media role to bring about public awareness and call for action.
  • Energy security and oil prices: Moving from fossil fuel to renewable energy sources.
  • International policy: Climate change to become top priority for G8 and UK’s Presidency of the EU. Kyoto Protocol has opened US$2.7 billion of greenhouse friendly investments.
  • Carbon profits: Global carbon market boomed last few years and is one of the biggest commodity markets.
  • Clean Energy: One of the most sought commercial sectors in the world; global market in 2005 was worth US$56 billion.
  • Pop Culture: Celebrities, magazines, movies are all talking about the issue.
  • Moral Issue: Global leadership by church and moral leaders on impacts of climate change to protect plant Earth.

Source: Top Ten Tipping Points on Climate Change – The Climate Institute, Australia

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