Don urges action on desertification

May 9th, 2010

A university teacher, Prof. Joshua Kayode has advised Nigerians to embrace tree planting as a way of curbing the impending desert encroachment that is ravaging some parts of the country

The University of Ado Ekiti(UNAD) Professor of Botany said it was better the country realized the importance of forest and tree planting in time to prevent the country from being devastated by high rising deforestation.

Delivering the 26th Inaugural Lecture of the University entitled: “Reconciliation of the supposedly Irreconcilable: Conservation and Development”, Kayode said the act of tree planting would not only tackle the impeding desertification that is ominous in the country, but would go a long way at checking the impending danger of food insecurity.

He said desertification as a contributory factor to global warming has had its effect felt in the country in the area of the rising wave of pests and diseases, growing seasons and changes in reproduction cycles, which he said portend serious dangers to the people.

Kayode in the two-hour lecture reasoned

“nothing stops the government at all levels to embrace the act of tree planting as a way of curtailing the dangers inherent in the acts of deforestation.”

Source: Don urges action on desertification – Nigeria Daily News

Date: 9 May 2010

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