Drought Hits over 41,000 Bolivian Families

July 2nd, 2010
drought hits Bolivia

Bolivian Rural Development Minister Nemesia Achacollo termed critical the environmental and economic situation resulting from the water shortage affecting over 41,000 families in El Chaco (Tarija, Chuquisaca and Santa Cruz).

Minister Achacollo talked of 24,764 hectares of crops, namely maize, sunflowers, peanuts, potato and tomato, while 6,300 bovines are also at risk, hence the urge to municipal and state authorities to support the government efforts.

The announcement follows delivery by President Evo Morales of drills to bore 600m deep water holes, plus three water tankers, trucks and lab facilities, among other logistics purchased to China at $6M, to try and ease the crisis.

Source: Drought Hits over 41,000 Bolivian Families - plenglish

Date: 02 July 2010

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